Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Living Thankful?

What does it mean to live Thankful?

Can you really be Thankful if you don't recognize that everything we have and are; is a direct result of God and the fact that He IS.

Can we really be Thankful if we think that we provide for ourselves exclusively?
Do we really sustain ourselves without outside help, guidance, or direction.

The concept of a 'tithe' is the act of giving a portion (old testament history reflects 10%) of what we have back to God. Not because 10% is His, but 100% comes from Him.

When we realize that the life we have is not our own we suddenly become thankful for the last breath we took, the loose change in our pocket, the bed we sleep in and the extra weight we carry (and desire to lose.)

How is Thanksgiving lived out in your life?

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