Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surf Trip in Samar...and visiting pastors in the barongis

We just got back from a 2 day trip to eastern Samar, one of the better unknown surfing spots in the world. Due to its difficult access, it is a highly unknown area for beautiful beaches and surf.
I'm excited about the potential of partnering with the church in Guiuan (pronounced -Gie-wan)to assit in the construction of a building for meeting.  Right now they use the pastora's home (lady pastor, see top pic)
Anyone interested in being a part of a team that builds an amazing church building for around $5000? Imagine your church being able to equip another church in spreading the gospel clear across the world for a fraction of the budget it takes for a similar sized church in the U.S.  Pray with us that God would reveal his timing and plan for this church.

Along the way we also met an young Australian woman (Amanda, bottom picture) touring southeast asia.  We invited her to join us, we sensed she was searching for more than just great surf, but true purpose and meaning to life.  She states that she found a lot of meaning in 'Buddhism'.  We were able to share our faith as Christ followers with her and we're continuing to pray that she discover the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ...

Here are some pics of our 2 day journey...

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Paul said...

Looks like tough ministry. I guess somebody has to do it. Love you, man.